Volunteer / Foster/ Intern With Us

We at Peedus People value our volunteers and have a ‘Volunteer Development Program’ addressing the needs of the Volunteers and the NGO.

Volunteering is the best way of getting involved and helping animals in need. Animals need our efforts and time more than anything else. We need volunteers in the following programs

  • Animal Care
  • Environment Care
  • Veganism Outreach
  • Cruelty Prevention Taskforces
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Fundraising Management


Fostering is another great way of helping animals. You take in an animal for a limited amount of time and we pay all the medical, transportation, food & training costs. We need fosters for

  • Post Operative surgical care (usually 3 days per animal)
  • Diseased or Injured animal care (timelines can vary but we cap it at 1 month)
  • Training puppies to succeed in their new homes (Crate & Leash training- Cap 2 weeks)
  • Fostering adopted dogs while owners are away on Vacation (cap at 1 week)
  • Interning at Peedus people is a rewarding experience. Internships are paid or unpaid depending upon the program. We need interns for the following
  • Social Media Marketing strategies
  • Videography
  • Fundraising strategies