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Compassionate Citizen

Peedu’s People collaborates with PETA India to deliver Compassionate Citizen sessions. This is a two part humane education program thoughtfully crafted for students to recognize the natural compassion children possess towards animals and the potential divergence caused by societal influences.
Target Audience:
Specifically tailored for students in grades 4 to 7, acknowledging their developmental stage and capacity for comprehension.
Core Values:
  • Reinforces inherent compassion for animals.
  • Addresses the societal influences that may erode natural empathy.
  • Recognizes the documented link between childhood violence against
    animals and future acts of violence against humans.
Language Options:
Available in both Hindi and English, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of students.
Key Objectives:
– Cultivating Compassion:Encourages students to rediscover and nurture their innate compassion for animals.
– Early Intervention for Violence Prevention:Acknowledges and addresses the connection between childhood violence towards animals and potential future acts of violence against humans.
– Promoting Empathy:Emphasises the importance of empathy in building positive, respectful relationships with both animals and peers.
– Holistic Learning:Integrates seamlessly into existing school subjects, enhancing overall educational experiences.
Adaptability for Grades 4 to 7:
Tailored content that aligns with the cognitive and emotional development of students aged 9 – 13.