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Speaking Dogese

Speaking Dogese is a captivating session designed for participants of all ages, providing a unique opportunity to unravel the secrets of canine communication. This single-session program is crafted to demystify the language of dogs, fostering understanding, and promoting safe and harmonious interactions between humans and their four-legged companions.
Target Audience:
While it is most effective in children from 4th to 7th grade, it is a session that benefits students of all ages.
Language Options:
Available in both Hindi and English, accommodating a diverse range of participants.
Session Overview:
  • Reading a Dog’s Body Language: Participants learn to interpret a dog’s body language, enabling them to understand the animal’s emotions and intentions.
  • Safe Interaction with Dogs:Practical guidance on how to approach and interact with dogs in a safe and respectful manner is provided to instil confidence in children.
  • Ignoring Unfamiliar Dogs: Children are educated on when it’s appropriate to ignore unfamiliar dogs, fostering a sense of caution and awareness.
  • Dog Bite Prevention:The session emphasises proactive measures to prevent dog bites, including understanding warning signs and respecting a dog’s personal space.
  • Rabies Awareness: Information about rabies is shared, dispelling myths and addressing the fear surrounding the virus. The importance of responsible pet ownership and vaccination is highlighted.

Program Format:
Created to be a one time session, offering a comprehensive exploration of canine communication within a single timeframe.

Flexible Implementation:
Suitable for a variety of settings, from community events to educational workshops.