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Cruelty Prevention

Inder Sandhu is a District Animal Welfare Officer of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Dept. of Forestry, Govt. Of India. He has also been a cruelty investigator for the state of Texas and an Animal Control Officer for the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

Major areas of cruelty prevention are :

  • Domestic Animals
    1. Street Dogs
    2. Stray Cows and Bulls
    3. Horse Carts
    4. Donkeys
  • Animal Farms and SLAUGHTER houses
  • Dog fighting
  • Using animals for entertainment
  • Illegal transport of animals
  • Wildlife – In conjuction with wildlife deptt.

We also focus on reducing human-animal conflict by conducting police sensitization programs with the Police, RWA’s , Colleges etc)

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