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Puppy Free Zone Program

The correct way to run an Animal Birth Control (ABC) program is to create zones where 100% of the population has been sterilized. This should include sterilization of 100% of the puppies too.

As Dogs are very territorial and do not allow other dogs in the zones, this controls population of the entire area and no more puppies are born here hence becoming ‘Puppy-Free Zones”

We have done Animal Birth Control projects in the Tri-City area.
The following campuses are 100% ‘Puppy-Free’ due to our efforts

  • Chandigarh Golf Club ( 52 Dogs, 28 puppies are now 100% sterilized and vaccinated)
  • IISER, Mohali (23 dogs and 21 puppies are now 100% sterilized)
  • Sec 42 Hockey Stadium ( 8 dogs and 12 puppies are now 100% sterilized and vaccinated)
  • Panjab University, Chd (we have 27 puppies in our vaccination, spay and neuter program)
  • GG Chemical and Pharmaceuticals factory in Barwala, 8 dogs inside the factory (6 females and 2 males) were sterilized in 2 weeks.
  • Sultanpur village in District Khanna, 27 dogs vaccinated and sterilised over a period of five months.

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