It is ILLEGAL to make horses work between 12-3 when the temperature is above 37°C. Click here to learn more.

Animal Care

We at Peedus People have at our very core “Anti-Speciesism”. All species: human, animal, fish, avian, reptiles etc are equally valuable to us. Our core belief is to provide the animals with the 5 freedoms that constitute their rights.


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Number of Cruelty Cases Solved

Preventative care- We believe in a preventative approach to animal welfare.

Animal Rescue- It’s a curative approach to helping animals. Usual work done is:

  • Caring for sick and injured animals
  • Feeding stray animals
  • Adoptions of strays and abandoned pets.

Animal Activism is a proactive and preventative approach to animal welfare. It includes:

  • Vaccination drives and awareness about vaccinations.
  • Changing policies of Govt to prevent animal exploitation.
  • Outreach for Veganism and animal related issues.
  • Humane education to increase tolerance towards animals.
  • Enforcing 1960, PCA act and holding people responsible to prevent cruelty.
  • Population control for all stray and domesticated animals.