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Rabies Management

Rabies Management and Control

Problem Statement of Goal :

The biggest contributor to human-animal conflict in India is a lack understanding of Rabies and the myths surrounding it.

At Peedu’s people we strive for Rabies Management & control by

  • Rabies Awareness. A proper understanding of Rabies
    1. Counselling in Government Dispensaries
    2. Workshops in schools and colleges
    3. Workshops at RWA’s and Other gatherings
  • Rabies Management
    1. Proper Documentation of dog-bites by category
    2. Statistical Evaluation of Dog-bites
  • Rabies Control. The virus has to arrested at the source.
    1. ARV drives for dogs v/s humans.
    2. Database management of vaccinated dogs
    3. Post exposure prophylaxis for dogs and humans.

What to do if bitten by a dog (stray or pet)

Data Collection :

Accurate statistics taken and effectivity of solutions determined.

Why us?:

  • 16 years experience in Rabies management.
  • Trained by LRCA (Local Rabies Control Authority, Texas, USA)
  • 2 Years experience as an Animal Control Officer in USA.

Local Rabies Control Protocol specifies who needs post exposure (after the bite) shots from a stray or pet dog.

If you would like Peedu’s People to conduct an ARV (anti-rabies vaccine) drive in your location/area/institution:-Click Here

How to avoid a dog-bite and be safe around stray or pet dogs. Do’s and Dont’s