It is ILLEGAL to make horses work between 12-3 when the temperature is above 37°C. Click here to learn more.


We at Peedus People value Veganism as a way of life. We have created a group of Vegans in our area under the group ‘ Vegans In Chandigarh’. We promote Veganism as a means to be kind to animals, humans and the environment. While we do not force it on anyone of our volunteers or employees but we run the NGO on the principles of Veganism and Kindness.

We conduct regular outreach programs to promote Veganism in innovative ways.

  • Restaurant Outreach
  • Documentary Screenings
  • Direct action and outreach
  • Monthly Potlucks
  • Awareness in Schools and Colleges
  • Sports programs (Cricket matches/ Bicycling events/ Running events)
  • Protests against animals used in laboratories.
  • Vegan fairs and conferences.

We also do stand'up comedy!. go head listen and laugh.