It is ILLEGAL to make horses work between 12-3 when the temperature is above 37°C. Click here to learn more.

Our Members


Inder is a Mechanical Design Engineer by trade and an MBA. After a 20 year career in the US, he started working with animals as a cruelty investigator in Texas and as an Animal Control Officer. He learnt how to control rabies, reduce human-animal conflict, the importance of humane-education and help stray and injured animals. In 2015 he retired and moved to India to use his experience and skills start Animal Control in India and help reduce human-animal conflict.
He has also authored a book - Between the knife and the sock.


Rupika has a double Masters in Sociology and Education and works in the corporate world as a Leadership Coaching and Culture Diversity Head. Her passion lies in Humane Education having worked for UNICEF in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka with displaced families. She is a certified Counsellor and Coach and her forte is in helping people build interpersonal relationships. She is dedicated to spreading compassion and kindness as a way of life.


Core Team, Humane Education

Diksha started her Peedu’s People journey volunteering for vaccination and sterilization drives. She now manages awareness building through Social Media and is responsible for creating compelling and adorable reels and posts.

She also delivers and plans content for Humane Education sessions. These sessions are aimed at creating measurable improvements in empathy and kindness children show towards animals and each other.

When she’s not helping animals, you can find her crocheting or watching a movie.

Contact Diksha for social media related queries or to conduct humane education sessions.


Volunteer Coordinator

At Peedu’s People; we believe in developing our volunteers to give them skills pertaining to animal care and activism. We also work hard at developing their soft-skills like public speaking, project management and event planning. Shikha is incharge of providing individualized attention to learning needs of every volunteer.

Contact Shikha for volunteering with us.


Puppy Welfare Manager

Harshender’s effort centers around Vaccination, Sterilization, managing the Street Foster Program and Puppy Free Zones.

He works to get 100% vaccination and sterilization for all puppies of the tri-city. Harshender is an expert in prevention of Parvo, Distemper and other diseases by boosting the immunity of the street puppies. He is always enthusiastic about helping street-fosters care for their puppies more efficiently and effectively.

Contact Harshender for vaccinations and sterilizations.


Equine Cruelty Prevention Manager

Nimi’s dedication to helping Working Equines of the tri-city area involves enforcement of current laws by detecting, enforcing and charging the offenders though the legal system. She involves herself in the complex task of helping the horse-cart owners to care for their animals better while assertively ensuring that no cruelty goes unreported and unpunished.

Additionally she is tasked with caring for injured horses and retiring them to sanctuaries.

Contact Nimi for reporting horse cart cruelty.


Humane Educator

Simran started her Peedu’s People journey as one of our street fosters and has vaccinated and sterilised all the dogs where she lives. A lawyer and a teacher by profession, she now works in Humane Education to make children kinder and more empathetic towards all living beings.

Contact Simran to conduct Humane Education Sessions.


Humane Educator

Alex has been one of our most dedicated volunteers and has single-handedly kept our cleanliness drives at Punjab University running. Alex has spent years doing volunteer work, including her time in Uganda. She has now joined us as a humane educator and urges people to show love to all animals, including her favorite - spiders!

Contact Alex for Humane Education sessions or Cleanliness Drives.


Humane Educator

Abha's deep love for animals and people, and her dedication to helping them has lead her to finding her purpose in the field of humane education.

Previously a Civil Services aspirant, she felt that part of her purpose was missing and began working to help the animals. She is currently pursuing her PhD in English Literature and is using her skills to make our sessions the best that they can be.


Animal Advocacy And Humane Education Coordinator

Jairoop has been working in the sphere of animal rights and welfare for over 11 years. She has worked with dedication, from volunteering to leading campaigns for regulation of dairies, slaughterhouses and planning vegan outreach at various organisations.

We are happy to have her experience and skill set on our team.


Humane Educator

Neha is one of our Humane Educators and is utilising her background in education and her passion for animal advocacy to promote empathy, compassion, and love for community animals.

She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in English.

Advisory Board


Sreela Dasgupta is a Diversity specialist and currently also the Lead for Disability and Neurodiversity in Tata Consultancy Services. With an MPhil in Population Studies she has worked over two decades in the development sector, focussing on human rights issues related to gender, social inclusion and public health. Sreela has worked both with rural poor communities as well as with international agencies including CARE, International Centre for Research on Women, USAD, UN Women and Centre for Policy Research.

She was also a Hubert H. Humphrey Fulbright Fellow in 2000-01 - a mid career fellowship funded by the US Congress. Sreela went to the Tulane School of Public Health for her focus of study on Gender and Public Health.
She is an animal lover and in her spare time writes books and poetry.


Donna Marino is a long time animal activist and vegan, and has campaigned for the rights of all animals, ranging from those in the circus to domestic animals to farm animals. A former attorney, Donna became more involved in the issue of animal rights when she took part in the country’s first Animal Rights Law Clinic at Rutgers University. She engages in frequent outreach to educate the community about veganism and is the organizer of the Boulder and Beyond Vegan Meetup in Boulder, CO, a group with over 1,000 members. She currently manages Help Animals India’s Twitter feed.


Underdog Coalition Inc is set up to educate and support all rescues, fosters, and families of special needs pets. We hold adoption events just for special needs pets from all rescues to show the community what they are capable of doing. Special needs pets are worthy of a life, and a really great life!